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About Us

We are an independent medical clinic founded in 2007. Our model of medical care integrates traditional medical training with a "Functional Medicine" approach. Because of this, we are able to provide our clients a depth of care not typically experienced in allopathic medicine.


Resources we provide include practitioners with a commitment to ongoing medical education and who are informed on current and cutting edge medicine, access to a broad spectrum of diagnostic testing, far beyond traditional lab work, and knowledgeable and accessible staff who help bring that extra level of professionalism and quality care for all of our clients.


For more about Functional Medicine, and for helpful links, please see the Resources section.


Our Clinic

“I hope to empower you to make changes that lead to long-term wellness for both you and your family.”


Jeanette Welker, FNP

Jeanette was greatly inspired by her grandmother. Jeanette’s grandmother was the sole health care provider for her rural, Midwest community during the homestead days. She traversed the prairie on horseback to help birth, treat, care for and bury members of her community. Her dedication and service inspired Jeanette to become a Nurse Practitioner.


Jeanette received her undergraduate degree as a registered nurse from Montana State University, in Bozeman, MT. She received her master's degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA in 1982. Jeanette had the privilege to work in many different areas of health care before taking time off to raise her three daughters.


After returning to health care practice, Jeanette identified a need to help people optimize their health through “Functional Medicine”. Functional Medicine involves a team approach. Both the individual and the practitioner seek to better understand the individual's “life story” and how it pertains to their health.


In addition to Functional Medicine, Jeanette's passions include participating in Medical Missions most recently in Guatemala and Chile, sports, and family.


Jeanette Welker FNP-BC

Board Certified, Family Nurse Practitioner


Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, Graduate 2007

Anti-Aging Fellowship Graduate 2007

ANCC FNP Board Certification



Our Philosphy - A Functional Medicine Approach


Health care is a very personal experience that can have an enormous affect on our life and wellbeing. We are truly honored by those who trust their very lives and beings to our care and recommendations. Our role is to be a tour guide in your journey to reach better health and well being…no matter what level of health or the lack of it you currently find yourself in. For that reason, we want you to feel comfortable embarking on your journey to reach optimal health with us.


It’s important to understand how the care we provide may be different. Rather than scratching the surface of your symptoms with a reflex reach for the prescription pen, we dig deeper into your story and biochemistry. This approach helps us to address the underlying root causes and imbalances that lead to some of the illnesses and discomfort you may face. We work with you to maximize your health by addressing both mental and physical functions, at any stage or age of your life.


Knowing your story is critically important to us, as is knowing and understanding your condition and illness. You possess a unique biochemistry and genetic disposition that impacts your health and your response to your environment but genetics do not dictate the outcome. So it is, at the core important that we listen carefully and understand as much of you and your environment as possible.


Ultimately, healing will require choices from both of us. We, your providers, must choose the workup tools and recommend the treatment options. You must choose the path. The path chosen is more important than the genetic stones it is paved with. Again, genetics is not the most important dictum of the outcome.


The most therapeutic and healing path is frequently not the path of least resistance. Though healing is a choice, it is not all about willpower and grit. Your body has the ability to heal from within if it has the right building blocks, nutrients, exercise, information signaling, ability to remove toxins, and balance. You are affected by what you think, choose, and believe. The water, food, and air you breathe interact with you and your biochemical environment dynamically. “Aging” and illness are caused by issues of stress, nutrition, inflammation, and toxicity.


Working with you, we develop a portrait that puts into perspective the origins, the triggers, and the mediators responsible for your illness or symptoms. Clarification of your life story helps to create a picture from which a plan can emerge. We broaden that picture using both traditional and functional medicine testing and techniques. This results of the testing will help pinpoint and define the areas of imbalance you experience, rendering an excellent place for us to begin the healing process. The interventions recommended for you may be a blend of traditional, holistic, functional, cutting edge, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Reliable, scientific research provides an ongoing basis for this “whole-system” approach. Focusing on your core body systems and their imbalances provides a starting point to bring balance back.


Get started on your journey to optimal health. Believe and know…healing is possible!

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